Have a smarter business.

Have a smarter business

Do more with less — with our smart performance management tools
your enterprise can deliver results

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We make something out of nothing. In the process we generate ideas, outmaneuver obstacles and deliver results of value.


Our clients range from small businesses to universities all of whom have different needs and priorities. Custom tailored services to suit every occasion are standard.


We can’t afford poor quality. Neither can you. That is why attention to details is always a top priority.

Who we are

We are software makers, who create software by utilizing cutting edge technology in Vilnius, Lithuania. We like to take extra steps, we do appreciate difficult times, and we thrive under positive stress.

We specialize in creating smart yet easy to use enterprise performance management tools. With our help our clients actually implement the strategies they invest so much in developing. Our tools bring structure into their daily corporate chaos.

Our team is a solid blend of seasoned veterans with 15+ years of experience in the industry and bright young tech wizards. We are creative, curious and really hard working. Our biggest asset is our reputation and trust we build with our clients. Therefore we take even the smallest projects very seriously.

Our clients range from small businesses to universities and municipalities that strive to be competitive in the long-term and have a big-picture approach to success.

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